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The TGE Process

Simple, Quick and Cost Effective


Existing plans / diagrams

Do you have an existing evacuation diagram, building floor plan or blueprint?

If so, too easy! You can email it through to us at and we can start the consultation process straight away. Once we have your floor plan, we’ll send you our user-friendly guide to allow you to mark-up the fire safety equipment at your premises.

No plans? No worries!

Get in touch with us and we’ll discuss your options.


We're ready to design

At this stage, you have provided all we need, so leave it to us. We will design your customised evacuation diagrams and send you a draft version for final approval.


Your evacuation diagrams are ready!

We will send your diagrams to you in whichever format you have chosen, and once mounted according to our Installation Tips, you will be compliant.