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Evacuation Diagrams for Queensland Businesses

Evacuation Diagrams for the Sunshine State

The Sunshine State might be known for its relaxed and laid-back attitude, but not when it comes to fire safety. Queensland fire safety requirements are controlled by the Building Fire Safety Regulation (BFRS) 2008 and monitored by the Queensland Fire & Emergency Services (QFES). By law, every building regardless of size must have a written Fire & Evacuation Plan in place, which must include an evacuation diagram, and all buildings with a total floor area greater than 300 sqm, (this is just above the size of a tennis court) must have evacuation diagrams displayed in the building. The QFES enforce compliance with the legislated fire safety standards and serious breaches can include fines and prosecution.

Emergency Procedures and Legal Obligations

As part of your legal obligations under the BFSR, the owner/occupier, Property Manager or Body Corporate of a building must ensure the safety of any person in that building in the event of a fire or emergency situation. Ensure you are reviewing and updating the emergency plan and evacuation diagrams at least annually, alongside submitting your Occupiers Statement to the QFES Commissioner.

NOTE: accommodation units in Queensland have their own set of laws relating to evacuation diagrams – for more information, see our blog post on Queensland Accommodation Units